Will Women’s AFL work?

One thought on “Will Women’s AFL work?”

  1. Hi Nic, Kevin Sheedy here. Long time reader first time commenter.

    The scoring question is interesting. If you look back at the first season of VFL in 1897 (on Wikipedia) the average team score for the season was around 30 points. I haven’t seen many AFLW games, but I would imagine the average team scores were similar.

    In the VFL, average team scores grew steadily over time to 45 points in 1907 and to around 60 points in 1917. In 2016, the average looks to be around 90 points (where is an RBA line chart when you need one?).

    The drivers of the upward trend in average scores is hard to establish but I would imagine it is a combination of rule amendments, and improvements in money/funding, professionalism, physical attributes of players and facilities.

    Hard to say whether the rate of change in the women’s game will be the same, but if it is similar, the AFL may, as you say, want to have a hand in accelerating the average team scores.

    Maybe like cricket they can think about bringing the ropes / boundary lines in?


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