Economic growth: full stop or question mark?

One thought on “Economic growth: full stop or question mark?”

  1. Thanks Nic, long time fan, first time commenter. I am reminded of a conversation we had recently regarding a former workplace and the poor feedback recieved from staff regarding culture and satisfaction. The response was resilience training which, to me at least, signaled the view that job satisfaction and welfare is largely as an individual responsibility. Applying this example/analogy to the economy I think that from a public policy perspective, economic growth, that is reliant on a gamut of public infrastructure and regulation, and provides the opportunity for rising standards of living, should be the primary focus of governments concerned about welfare. In addition to appropriate safety nets and redistribution, these policies are in my view a couple of words from a full stop in terms of the government’s role in promoting welfare. The rest is up to you (not Nic, but wider community).


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